How this trial work?

1. Select

Select the date and time of the RINEX Observation Simulation, in trial mode all generated RINEX files are in static mode with a duration of 60 minutes.

2. Click

Click on your target location, to generate RINEX observation file for the target location, Then you will get a download prompt.

3. Trial mode

In this trial we offer 3 tries to give an overview of the output of our service.

4. Contact Us

To generate RINEX files in static and "Stop and Go" Kinematic modes, Don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

Fully Automatic

Rinexgenerator is the only platform to offer RINEX files generation for input set of points automatically based on cutting edge technologies.


You can easily upload list of points and select the date of the generation, then you can generate the RINEX files in Static or Kenimatic "Stop and go" modes.

Data Privacy

This service ensures the privacy of the data used across the platform.

Contact us!

For more features or any custom request please contact us.